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Training support for the fire brigade in Thika, Kenya

The project will be implemented in the city of Thika, located approx. 40 km away from Nairobi. It is one of the fastest developing city in the Nairobi conurbation.

The city has a lot of industrial facilities, where chemical threats and risks related to fire of poisonous substances are present.

The fire service in Thika is responsible for ensuring fire safety within the area of 30 km radius around the city. Drownings and fatal accidents are frequent. One of the tasks of the fire service is to look for persons that fell down the precipices and other places where they died instantaneously. Therefore local fire fighters are in dire need of rope training.

The Polish Centre for International Aid has the experience in supporting institutional and operational capacities of fire service units and other emergency services thanks to implementing similar tasks in 2008-2014 in such countries as Tajikistan, Georgia, South Sudan and Lebanon.

Training support for the fire brigade in Thika, Kenya

The project will be implemented in Thika, Kenya, in the Central Province in the period between 1 August and 31 December 2014. The volunteers will stay in Kenya in two periods: between 28 September and 20 October and between 22 November and 14 December 2014. The project will also include an educational initiative addressed to the Polish society.

The project's contractor, that is the institution that sends the volunteers, is the Polish Centre for International Aid, and the local partner – the host organisation – the fire service in the city of Thika.

Some fire fighters working in Thika have underwent vocational training at the fire service in Nairobi, but as Kenya lacks a system of fire service education, the training level of local fire fighters is rudimentary at most. 39 fire fighters in a city that has 140 thousand citizens are certainly not enough, therefore it is so important to improve their vocational skills and to prepare them to help in all and any rescue and fire-fighting situations.

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the employees and volunteers in the fire service unit in the city of Thika, Kenya – 39 persons. Also, approx. 10 persons delegated by the fire service units from neighbouring towns and villages will participate in the training.

Indirect recipient of the project is the community of the city of Thika (approx. 140 thousand residents) and persons residing within the area of operations of the local fire service, in the radius of 30 km from the city of Thika (approx. 200 thousand residents) who will take advantage of better assistance provided by the fire service in critical situations.

The project contributes to the achievement of the priority – Preventing disasters and being ready if they arise.

Training support for the fire brigade in Thika, Kenya

Volunteers organized trainings for the firefighters from 5 units nearby Thika in Kenya, as well as donated equipment worth approx. 5.5 thousand PLN, essential in the work of the firefighter, such as ropes, harnesses, tapes, darts and helmets.

Forty-nine firefighters participated in a training in basic water rescuing techniques, and 40 of them could revise their newly gained abilities during practice exercises on an advanced workshop. Volunteers gained the abilities essential in the case of the flood or accident in the running waters. Thanks to this training Fire brigade in Thika is the first unit in Kenya which is prepared for such actions.

Firefighters participated also in a training within the scope of basic fire-fighting rescuing techniques, including in high buildings, in which 89 people participated. Some of them participated for the first time in classes, where they were using equipment and altitude rescuing methods with rope techniques. Theoretical lectures were later verified during practical workshops. Volunteers also carried out workshops about road rescuing for 40 firefighters.

Within the framework of education initiative, two lectures were organized in Warsaw and Cracow, as well as exhibition of 18 charts with photos in the building of the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw and in the headquarter of the Aspirant’s School of National Fire Brigade in Cracow.