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Training for Armenian search and rescue team

In 2014, the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service is implementing a development programme “Capacity building of search and rescue teams in Armenia”. On 20-30 June 2014 at the Fire Service College of the State Fire Service in Krakow there was a training for the representatives of the Armenian rescue service.

Experts from the National Headquarters shared theoretical information about maintaining an on-site operations coordination centre and a reception departure centre. Both centres are key elements of correct disaster management in case of international activities. In the second part of the training, planned for another group of rescue professionals from Armenia, experts from the Department of Training of Specialist Rescue Groups in Nowy Sącz presented rules of stabilizing constructing elements of buildings damaged during natural disasters. Working conditions for search and rescue groups are often dangerous because of instability of building structures, damaged during natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes. Thanks to stabilisation of the constructions, victims trapped under the rubble have a better chance to be pulled out quickly. 

The project “Capacity building of search and rescue teams in Armenia”, co-funded by the MFA as part of the Polish development aid, is implemented by the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service, in cooperation with the State Fire Service Schools in Krakow and Czestochowa.


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