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Towards Africa - Pilot programme for youth work with a use of educational map of Africa

“Direction Africa – a pilot programme for young people on the educational map of Africa” was a project concerning 20 towns with less than 200,000 residents in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It was implemented between 1 May and 31 October 2011, and its coordinator was the Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.

The aim of the project was to organise summer activities for children and youth, and to distribute an informational-educational package together with lesson plans and exercises about global education.

Main project activities focused on preparing, developing and using a large-scale map of Africa, which showed, through charts, shapes and colours, indicators of life expectancy, the average number of years of education of residents at the age of 25 and older, the expected number of years of education for children, national income in USD, and the problems of access to food and water.

Selected schools participated in the project, and each meeting at the map of Africa was realised in 3 stages:

  • exercises and integration games for the whole group, which on one hand led to physical activities, and also broadened the students’ knowledge about several African countries;
  • solving the quiz and sharing the new information about following topics: colonialism, the stage of social development, life expectancy, education, water and food access;
  • simulation game, which indicated Polish relationships with several African countries, and was an opportunity to plan further activities in local schools or community centres.

The project involved a total of 600 people (240 people directly). A day-long meeting concluding the project in the Developmental Education Park was attended by 125 people.