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Together for Development - Active Global Education in Schools

The purpose of the project was to raise the awareness of children and teenagers of global problems in the world and in the long run to change their attitudes and introduce good practices. By means of school classes, the project enabled students to develop their knowledge and made them aware of the magnitude of global problems, while providing teachers with tools and methods necessary to carry out school's development mission.

The project involved 57 schools and 15 kindergartens from 5 voivodeships (Małopolskie, Śląskie, Świętokrzyskie, Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie). As part of the project activities, 300 booklets containing lesson plans dedicated to global education for teachers were published (with 3 plans each) and 2 000 were sent out in pdf format. During the Global Education Week, 45 educational campaigns were conducted which involved approximately 7 200 students. Another activity within the project consisted in teacher training attended by 300 participants. Educational packages were also developed, containing 3 lesson plans dedicated to global education, as well as further reading and model student's worksheets to be used by teachers. Additionally, a contest was announced for the organisation of the best campaign in the field of global education, whose first prize was participation in the final workshops in the Villages of the World – the Global Education Park in Krakow (http://www.wioskiswiata.org/). Five classes (125 students) made their way to the finals and participated in the workshops.