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Third transport of humanitarian aid for Ukraine

A transport of 20 State Fire Service lorries set out from Warsaw on 15 June, carrying in-kind aid which is the Polish government's response to the Ukrainian authorities' appeal for help to those most in need in that country.

"Today's convoy is the realization of declarations made by Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz during the intergovernmental consultations in Kyiv last January on providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine," said Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik. The deputy chief of Polish diplomacy added that in Kyiv the convoy will connect with the German one, an initiative that was the subject of Polish-German consultations in Warsaw last April. "Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to meet with German Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Christopher Strasser to jointly inaugurate the convoy's trip from Kyiv to Zaporizhia," stressed Deputy Minister Pawlik.
The convoy has been organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Headquarters of State Fire Service, and the Polish NGOs: the Polish Medical Mission, Caritas Poland, the Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation, and the Order of Malta Poland.
Polish humanitarian relief consists mainly of food parcels, hygiene products, including baby kits, school kits for children that should help them start the school year after the summer holidays, sleeping bags, blankets, camp beds, as well as dressings and most essential medicines. Polish aid will go to the Zaporizhia Oblast.
Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, Poland has provided PLN 13 million worth of humanitarian aid to the people who have suffered most or have been forced to flee their homes. The assistance included hospitalization of those wounded in clashes with the Berkut police, as well as summer camps for children and youth. At the same time, Ukraine receives help from local governments and NGO volunteers, hundreds of whom are engaged in clothes and food collections.
The first humanitarian convoy was sent to Eastern Ukraine in December 2014. 34 State Fire Service trucks provided more than 150 tons of the most urgent material aid.


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