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They are among us (2)

The project was implemented from 5 January to 20 December 2013. The implementing institution was the Education Development Centre, and the local partner was the National Centre for Teachers’ Professional Development.

The project was a response to the needs reported by representatives of Georgian educational institutions in relation to the implementation of inclusive education. These needs mainly concerned the lack of appropriate skills among public school teachers, the lack of acceptance of children with special needs by their peers, parents and society in general. Under the project, 31 persons (10 teams) gained the knowledge and skills needed to develop an offer of support for schools on the basis of local resources. A publication in the Georgian language was issued about the changes taking place in the Georgian education system in relation to the process of training teachers to organise inclusive education. Moreover, 10 training scenarios for teachers were drawn up, and cooperation was established with 5 schools as part of the performed supervisions.