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The results of the photo competition “Lens on development 2015”

On 3 December 2015, during an official gala, the awards were presented to the winners of the “Lens on development” photographic competition, which was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The gala was held at the Foksal Press Centre, at Dom Dziennikarza at ul. Foksal in Warsaw. Konrad Pawlik, Undersecretary of State at MFA, congratulated the winners, and the gala was hosted by Martyna Wojciechowska, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic.

According to Minister Konrad Pawlik, the objective of the “Lens on development” photographic competition is not only to inform about the Polish Development Assistance, but also to increase the awareness of Polish citizens about the problems that the majority of the countries in the world encounter on daily basis.  

The competition was open for everyone interested in photography and the problems of developing countries. The photographs could be submitted via special online platform between 2 and 25 October 2015. The competition jury, composed of the representatives of MFA and National Geographic Polska, selected 10 winners in three thematic categories out of the 929 works that had been submitted. The categories were as follows: “Education and entrepreneurship as the key to a better life”, “Impact of the natural environment on human life”, and “Democracy and human rights in development”.

The winners received the following cash awards: Grand Prix – PLN 5,000, 1st place in each of the 3 competition categories – PLN 3,000, and 2 equivalent honourable mentions in each of the 3 thematic categories – PLN 1,500.

  • The Grand Prix award was granted to Grzegorz Kobiela for the photograph entitled “Workers – a worker in front of a chimney”. The photograph, taken on the outskirts of Dhaki (the capital city of Bangladesh), shows a young worker at a brickyard, who is sorting coal.
  • Awards in the “Democracy and human rights in development” went to: 1st place – Adam Rostkowski for the photograph entitled “Shadows”, honourable mentions were given to – Mateusz Mularski for the photograph entitled “Freedom of choice” and Joanna Mrówka for the photograph entitled “A day like any other”.
  • Awards in the category “Education and entrepreneurship as the key to a better life” went to: 1st place – Krzysztof Miłosz for the photograph entitled “African school”, honourable mentions were given to – Maciej Iwaniszewski for the photograph entitled “Panta rhei” and Joanna Borgiel for the photograph entitled “Man in his kitchen”.
  • Awards in the category “Impact of the natural environment on human life” went to: 1st place – Mariusz Janiszewski for the photograph entitled “Gold mines”, honourable mentions were given to – Paweł Jagiełło for the photograph entitled “In between the worlds” and Paweł Łączny for the photograph entitled “A fisherman”.

This year’s “Lens on development” photographic competition was held as a part of the informational and promotional activities conducted by MFA within the 2015 Year for Development, established by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

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