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The methods, the techniques, the teaching materials – How to teach the pre-school children English (Cameroun)

In the time period between July 1st and December 31st 2010 “Cultures of the World” Foundation in cooperation with Sisters of Saint Dominic Congregation executed a project aimed to assist teaching English to pre-schoolers in Cameroon. Within its reach the programme involved 70 children of different ages, their parents, and 3 full-time teachers working in a preschool in Bertoua.

The project consisted of two parts performed in Cameroon and in Poland. A volunteer who partook in the project spent time in Bertoua from beginning of September until mid-December teaching children and English teachers and preparing teaching tools. During her stay in Cameroon two meetings with students’ parents were arranged. Simultaneously, in Poland (Warsaw and Kościerzyna) as a part of educational initiative a number of activities took place.

The objectives of the project were:

  • Improving English proficiency among teachers in Moloko IV district of Bertoua - all teachers working in the preschool attended conversations in English;
  • Implementing innovative methods of teaching English, at which were aimed the workshops conducted for teachers by the volunteer;
  • Improving English proficiency among pre-schoolers – English classes for 3 preschool groups (in total approximately 70 children) were held between September and December 2010.

As a part of the project for Bertoua preschool hardware (printer, printer scanner, laminator), teaching materials (textbooks, English teaching games) and stationery (including scissors, crayons, paints, drawing pads) were handed to the institution. Teachers from Bertoua preschool under the guidance of the volunteer also prepared a number of teaching materials that were afterwards used during classes.

Two meetings aimed to promote the innovative methodology for parents were organised (6th October 2010 and December 3rd 2010) due to which they became involved in preparation of commemorative events taking place in the preschool (e.g. Teachers Day and Nativity play).

As a part of educational initiative the following actions took place:

- a class about Poland and Kashubia (in preschool in Bertoua) and a class about Cameroon and East Province (in preschool in Kościerzyna) were held. During these classes children learned about different cultural aspects of their peers’ country and had a chance to try on national outfits and have photographs their photographs taken.

- during the project  a Warsaw preschool “Pre-schoolers” expressed the desire to establish cooperation with the institution in Bertoua. Two multicultural meeting were held in Cameroon.

- as a part of the project a photographic exhibit  (12 A1-size boards) presenting the life of a pre-schooler in Bertoua was held

- scripts for 4 classes (15 educational boards, 12 educational puzzles) were formulated and later published on www.kulturyswiata.org and thanks to promoting it on the internet and specialist media the information about it reached the general public.