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The increase of the capacity of gagauzian local government in the implementation of an integrated approach to policy of development - the construction of centralized water supply system in the village Chiriet-Lunga

Chiriet-Lunga is located in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia in the south of Moldova. Thanks to the cooperation with the Commune Office in the village some of its inhabitants gained access to the water supply network. Undertaken actions facilitated connection to 9 wells and a water tower. Out of 845 households (around 2500 inhabitants) only 87 of them, along with a secondary school and a kindergarten, are connected to the water supply network and have access to running drinking water. The rest of inhabitants have water transported to them in tankers or use their own water intakes which often do not comply with sanitary requirements. Execution of the project improved the situation of the local community. Additionally, construction of a centralized water supply network has started to which all public institutions (a health center among others) will be connected, followed by local households.

Total project value: 125 247 pln with Polish Aid co-financing in the amount of 116 897 pln  (for the purpose of conversion 1 euro = 4,1749 pln)