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"The gift of life." Medical care for women and mothers with children with a special attention to perinatal care for mothers with AIDS and coming from the risk group around Bugisi Mission - Tanzania, III edition

The project was implemented between 18 June and 31 December 2012 in Bugisi (region Shinyanga) in Tanzania, and counted with participation of one volunteer who stayed there from 3 August to 3 December 2012. The coordinator of the project was the Society of African Missions, Charity and Voluntary Centre "SOLIDARNI", and the local partner was the Bugisi Mission (SAM).

The project aimed at providing prenatal and post-partum care for beneficiaries of the project: female residents of the Busigi Mission, especially those with AIDS and from high-risk groups.

During the project, the volunteer worked in the Health Centre in Bugisi, where twice a week she performed 24-h shifts. She attended patients in the walk-in clinic and took care of hospitalised patients. In total, she helped approx. 1,000 people.

The volunteer trained local nurses, what improved the level of health care offered in the clinic. Being a fully qualified midwife, the volunteer received numerous births, including those with medical complications, and as part of work in the post-partum clinic (one day a week), she examined mothers, and tested and vaccinated newborns. During 12 visits in the post-partum clinic, the volunteer attended approx. 420 women. In the prenatal clinic, she conducted 478 obstetric ultrasound examinations. 

Together with a local nurse, the volunteer visited several villages whose residents were not able to come to the clinic because of the distance.

Another activity was a course of antenatal classes, attended by 151 local women. The volunteer conducted a medical seminar for children from the Don Bosco secondary school (131 participants).

As a result, the women’s approach to giving birth in the clinic improved noticeably, more people come to the pre-natal clinic as well. 99% women attended in the clinic are tested for HIV, what allows the earlier treatment and the possibility of having a healthy baby. Thanks to the training, local nurses increased their skills in receiving birth.