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The MFA trains Moldovans in EU negotiations

The MFA conducts trainings for Moldovans in EU negotiations in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration

The Development Cooperation Department together with the National School of Public Administration have organised a profiled training in EU negotiations for public administration representatives from Moldova on 18-22 November 2013.

The training was carried out in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration (EPAPA). It was attended by 16 Moldovan public administration representatives from ministries of foreign affairs, internal affairs, justice, economy and regional development. During the lectures and workshops, Polish experts shared their knowledge on EU negotiation processes which preceded Poland’s EU accession. As part of the training, representatives visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Environment, where they learned about Polish negotiation experiences during the time of the association agreement, and about practical aspects of applying for EU funds by central administrative bodies.

Additionally, participants took part in a training on successful negotiations. This was the last of three courses included in the EPAPA programme for 2013. Two remaining courses included a civil service training for representatives of all Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and a profiled training on self-government reform for the Georgian administration.

During the session on civil service, which was attended by central public administration representatives, one participant from Moldova mentioned that the priorities for the Republic of Moldova in the next years will include promoting the functioning of the public service. “We have profited a lot from your experience, we can see that you have many rules, many principles, which can be useful for our country, we will try to implement them as well.”

A separate, profiled training was organised for the Georgian administration about self-government reform. Participants represented the Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy, as well as the nongovernmental organisation CEGSTAR (Centre for Effective Governance System and Territorial Arrangement Reform).   

2013 was the third year of conducting the EPAPA trainings. Since the creation of the Academy in 2011, 190 public administration representatives from EaP countries participated in the activities. In 2013, the MFA introduced a new formula of profiled trainings addressing particular needs of EaP countries, thus broadening the previous EPAPA offer.

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