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Tastes and colours of the world. Global Education in Wroclaw EcoCentre

The project titled Tastes and colours of the world. Global Education in Wroclaw EcoCentre aims to raise the awareness of global issues among the inhabitants of Wroclaw and the Lower Silesia. Its beneficiaries are people conducting Global Education classes (educators, teachers), children and students, as well as the inhabitants of Wrocław and Lower Silesia. A part of the project activities, an Academy for Global Education will be organised for educators who want to enhance their competences in disseminating Global Education knowledge. The Academy’s graduates will conduct a series of classes for children and young people in EkoCentrum Wrocław that will be grouped around the following thematic blocks: I KNOW WHAT I EAT – food sovereignty; LESSONS ABOUT THE CLIMATE, GAME OF WATER, and ME AND THE WORLD.  Seven hundred and twenty children (40 groups) will benefit from the classes. The inhabitants of Wrocław and Lower Silesia will also be invited to regular meetings in EkoCentrum called The Tastes and Colours of the World, to Global Education Week celebrations and additional events organised in connection with the autumn edition of EkoJarmark in Wrocław.

Tastes and colours of the world. Global Education in Wroclaw EcoCentre

The Project is being implemented from 9 May 2014 to 31 December 2014 in Wrocław (Lower Silesian Voivodeship) by the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

The project responds to the need for an open and aware society that understands global interdependencies by explaining them and showing ways how people can be personally involved at the global and local levels in developing attitudes based on tolerance and openness.

Its aim is raising the awareness of Wrocław and Lower Silesia residents of global problems, in particular food sovereignty, global solidarity, climate change, scarce natural resources, human rights’ links with global issues.

The project’s activities are addressed to educators who form the teaching staff of EkoCentrum in Wrocław, to teachers cooperating with EkoCentrum, children and young people from Wrocław schools and to Wrocław residents.

The project will comprise the implementation of the Global Education Laboratory for educators and teachers, the organization of classes for children and young people, the preparation and mounting of the Bitter-Sweet Tastes of the World exhibition and Global Education Week celebrations.

The project is consistent with MDG 8: Developing a global partnership for development.

Tastes and colours of the world. Global Education in Wroclaw EcoCentre

Project activities included substantive preparation of 12 educators to work with children and youth. All selected participants have successfully completed their ‘Global Education Laboratory’ training. Eight of them bonded with the EkoCentrum Wroclaw, creating a group of global educators, all the while improving their competence and taking further training on this subject. In addition, a block of classes including global education has been permanently inscribed in the schedule of classes in EkoCentrum Wroclaw. A ‘Suitcase of a Global Educator’ has also been developed, which includes teaching aids and methods of work necessary to carry out activities in this field. With the help of this package more than 160 global education workshops for children and young people were organized.

The overall objective of this project was to raise knowledge of global education consisting of: nutritional sovereignty, climate change, the role of water and natural resources in daily life and ways of local involvement. 892 students participating in the four-hour panels ("I know what I eat". "Classes of Climate", "Game of Water", "Me and the world") took part in classes conducted by qualified educators. Subsequent study found that trainees participated very willingly, and their knowledge has expanded.

The largest target group of the project were the inhabitants of Wroclaw. The actions addressed to them, aimed at broadening knowledge of global issues and relations. They included developing twelve visually attractive boards named "Bitter-sweet flavors of the world", which were later exhibited at three locations in Wroclaw (ul. Świdnicka, EkoJarmark and EkoCentrum). It is estimated that it has been seen by a group of 3,000 viewers. In addition, 11 meetings were held in EkoCentrum, which were attended by a total of 190 participants.

The issues discussed at the aforesaid meetings included ones that were not raised during the workshops organized for children. Among these a discussion on the effectiveness of Fair Trade and the real impact on climate change can be named. Meanwhile, the younger generation participated in workshops and readings of fairy tales which helped them to increase their knowledge and sensitivity to other cultures.

It is estimated, that media coverage of this project reached a group of five thousand, while the workshops, and panels were attended by a total of one thousand people.

In conclusion, global education classes were very popular among both teachers and students. Teachers report demand for the implementation of this type of activities in 2015. It is also worth to highlight the attitude of educators who increase their competence on their own initiative. An important achievement of the tutors was that they have managed to reach young people from the surrounding settlements, a group very reluctant to engage in any initiatives.