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Supporting teachers' education based on active teaching methods in the planning and organization of their work in schools in Biharamulo (Tanzania)

The project is implemented in two provinces of Tanzania:  Ngara and Biharamulo. Project activities include a group of 22 teachers of different  subjects from 9 local schools from Biharamulo and Rulenge.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, and achieving good results at various stages of education are a ticket to a better life. Formally, education in Tanzania follows the British system. However, contrary to the British system, where teaching methodology and preparation is emphasized, in Tanzania, the education results in Tanzania depend on the determination of the student and memorisation skills – you learn mostly by memorizing the material. It results in the fact that graduates are not prepared for adult life – for functioning in the society.

It seems that the only way to change the situation is to teach teachers about teaching methodology, paying particular attention to active methods – emphasizing the role of group work, cooperation between students, solving problems (problem teaching), developing students' creativity, emphasizing the significance of playing in learning, and the skill of using different teaching materials during classes, and first and foremost – equipping local schools with teaching materials, so that schools become not only a necessary – but also an attractive – place for the students.

Supporting teachers' education based on active teaching methods in the planning and organization of their work in schools in Biharamulo (Tanzania)

The project is implemented from 1 July 2014 to 30 November 2014 in two towns, of the Biharamulo and Ngara (Biharamulo and Rulenge) provices in Tanzania. Volunteers will stay in Tanzania from 20 August 2014 to 3 October 2014. The project includes an educational initiative addressed to the Polish society.

Project contractor is the Social Integration Studio BAY OF CULTURES, and the local partner is: THE CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF RULENGE-NGARA. Beneficiaries of the project include a group of 22 teachers from 9 local schools.

The objective of the project is to teach teachers the major methods, forms and techniques of teaching at schools, how to apply them during class and to create a Centre of Active Learning and Teaching Methods. The measures implemented under this project will help beneficiaries use the educational and teaching methods when working with students, they will learn how to use teaching materials and to create teaching materials using available materials. Centre of Active Learning and Teaching Methods was prepared for them, which will be equipped with different teaching materials.

The project contributes to the Millennium Development Goals. The project tasks respond to the need to increase the quality of education, to even out the educational and social opportunities by improving teaching skills of teachers, by creating the Centre of Active Learning and Teaching Methods and by improving the development potential of teachers – beneficiaries. The volunteers are to support the partner with their competences, teaching experience and working with teachers as well as their knowledge of teaching forms, techniques and methods in practice, as well as of the tools, teaching methods necessary for effective teaching and learning.

Supporting teachers' education based on active teaching methods in the planning and organization of their work in schools in Biharamulo (Tanzania)

Within the scope of the project volunteers carried out lecture and five 3-hour workshops on methodology of teacher’s work for 22 people, as well as 71 individual consultations with teachers, during which they talked about work improvement methods and analyzed problems that teachers have to face. For 89 teachers in 9 local schools volunteers carried out 9 workshops on practical possibilities of using educational methods and materials.

Volunteers created 22 scripts of classes, using innovative methods of teaching, which beneficiaries of the project could then use in classes with their pupils. Volunteers checked the results of implemented classes during 22 hospitalizations and 22 consultations.

Thanks to the work of the volunteers, the Centre for Active Methods of Learning-Studying was opened, in which the exposition of teaching materials, in form of 10 thematic stands, was prepared in cooperation with teachers. During solemn opening, volunteers organized a lecture: “Professional progress of a teacher”.

Moreover, within the scope of educational initiative, project implementers printed 80 publications and distributed them in 60 schools and 20 teacher training centers in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)region and organized 6 lectures in departments of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.