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Support of medical rehabilitation programme in Balaka and Ntcheu regions in Malawi with envolvement of volunteers

The project was implemented between 15 September and 31 December 2011 in the regions of  Balaka and Ntcheu in Malawi, and counted with participation of two volunteers who stayed there from 15 September to 31 December 2011. The coordinator of the project was the Sue Ryder Foundation, and the local partner was the Sue Ryder Foundation Malawi. 

The aim of the project was to improve the health condition of communities living in two regions of Malawi, and social reintegration of disabled people living there. The main beneficiaries were the disabled and chronically ill living in the area.

During the project activities,  the volunteers visited a total of 96 villages, providing assistance to 266 patients, of which 26 (mostly children) were given intensive rehabilitation. In addition, one of the volunteers organised physiotherapy sessions for a group of ten adults with back pain, while another volunteer provided home care and rehabilitation for five patients after stroke. The Polish volunteers also trained 350 local physiotherapists and volunteers.