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Support of existing and creation of new women's cooperatives in the Shahrtuz region in Southern Tajikistan.

One of the main social problems of the South Tajikistan are the effects of massive economic migration of male population to Russia. Migrants, in many cases   break contact with their Tajik families or send insufficient funds to maintain families in  homeland. In order to support families women are forced to take up an employment. In the absence of other opportunities they take some casual or seasonal jobs (especially by cotton harvest). Solving their  economic situation was the major purpose of the project.

During the project workshops and individual consultations has been carried out for 150 females from Shahrtuz and surroundings. Assistance has been offered in setting up and running small business. Participants received as well small loans to set up the business. Some of the women got the jobs in agriculture as a vegetable pickers or livestock breeder or become tailors. As a result of the project 5 new women’s cooperatives has been set up.

The Project was a continuation and an extension of the activities which began in 2012 and  was implemented in the cooperation with the local partner – NGO “Chashma”.