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Support for the integral development of children and adolescents in province Datem del Marañón in Peru

The project was implemented between 15 June and 31 December 2011 in San Lorenzo and Ullpayacu (Peru), and counted with participation of two volunteers, who stayed there from 14 July to 31 December. The coordinator of the project was the Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World, and the local partner was the Parish in San Lorenzo, Peru.

The aim of the project was a volunteering work with children and youth in local Salesian centres in San Lorenzo and Ullpayacu, renovating buildings of the day care centres (oratories), and supporting the parish library.

The main component of the project was conducting general development and educational activities, English and Maths classes, art and music workshops, film club, sport competitions, and trainings about pedagogy and socio-cultural animation. Moreover, the volunteers cleaned and painted two day care buildings, and stocked the local library.

In total, during the project, the volunteers carried out over 340 hours of classes, workshops and activities for children and adolescents (approx. 360 people), and 33 hours of trainings for 6 animators. Moreover, they spent 30 hours renovating the buildings, and purchased 14 items for the library (encyclopaedias, dictionaries and 280 books).

A part of the global education initiative, the coordinator of the project published 500 items of a board game “Go through the jungle”, including a lesson plan with propositions of games for children and youth. It was distributed in day care centres, orphanages and NGOs of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.