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Support for street children in Lima, Peru

The project was implemented between 1 July and 31 December 2012 in Lima (Peru) and counted with participation of one volunteer who stayed there from 17 August to 17 December 2012. The coordinator of the project was the Papaya Foundation, and the local partner was the Ayllu Situwa Association.

The aim of the project was to support children living in Ayllu Situwa house, and to combat poverty and social exclusion of children and adolescents living in poor areas of Lima, and those coming from difficult backgrounds.

The main component of the project was work with children from Ayllu Situwa house, and street working with homeless children and adolescents. An educational part of the project was publishing a book “My name is Antenor”, creating and updating a website of Ayllu Situwa Association.

During the project, the volunteer helped the children with homework, she organised a general development classes, what inspired new interests and hobbies. In total, the volunteer carried out approx. 240 hours of classes (among others, development and logical thinking workshops, reading, writing and English classes).

Another component was to obtain ID documents for 9 homeless people, what allowed them the re-integration into society (health care, education). The volunteer started the same long and complicated process with other 19 people.

In total, the volunteer spent 138 hours working on the streets, and made contact with approx. 45 people, who were given meals, health care and activities.

As part of the educational activity, the volunteer updated the association's website, providing photographs and including children living in the house in the process. Upon her return to Poland, in the framework of a global education initiative the volunteer coordinated publishing 600 copies of a book “My name is Antenor”, which was later distributed among children, youth and adults. The electronic version of this publication is available online.