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Substantive learning support in the field of parasitology

The project was implemented between 15 June and 31 December 2012 in Tengeru (district of Arumeru) in Tanzania, and counted with participation of one volunteer who stayed there from 13 September to 6 October 2012. The coordinator of the project was the Foundation "Cultures of the World", and the local partner was the Livestock Training Institute in Tengeru.

The  project aimed at transforming the way of teaching in the LITA school in Tengeru, in order to include more practical tasks in the programme, what would extend the knowledge of the students and improve the way of animal treatment.

To improve quality of education in LITA, the volunteer coordinated a renovation of the classroom in LITA, what allowed the professors to conduct classes. The classroom was then supplied with the laboratory equipment purchased in Poland. The volunteer created an organisational scheme of laboratory and field classes of parasitology.

As a result, a training for a group of LITA students was conducted. It consisted of 7 theoretical and 10 practical classes, and 1 fieldwork. In total, approx. 200 students from 3 different courses and 17 farmers from the region of Arusha participated in the training. Crucial changes were implemented in the teaching programme, what will improve the skills of the students. 5 professors from LITA were trained as well.

As part of the global education initiative, two informational meetings and an exhibition took place at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Those activities presented the project and promoted the concept of international volunteering. A multimedia presentation including the project description and photographic materials is available online.