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Substantive learning support in the field of parasitology - continuation

Parasitic diseases are one of main epidemiological risks among livestock in Tanzania. They are transmitted by insects living in Africa (tsetse flies, mosquitoes) and ticks. Due to the fact that animal husbandry is an important source of income and food supply for a significant part of Tanzanian people, gaining basic skills of recognizing symptoms of parasitic diseases is very valuable.

The project was a continuation and completion of the activities carried out by the “Cultures of the World” Foundation in 2009, 2010 and 2012 in the frame of the ”Polish aid” projects.

The project was implemented from 1 June to 31 December 2013. The volunteer stayed in Tanzania from 5 September to 27 September and from 17 November to 9 December 2013. One of the elements of the project was an educational initiative held in Poland.

The implementer of the project (the organization sending a volunteer) was  the “Cultures of the World” Foundation, and the local partner (the hosting organization) was the Livestock Training Agency (LITA) agricultural school in Tangeru, Tanzania.

Direct aims of the project were improvement of quality of teaching LITA students in the field of veterinary sciences, improvement of LITA  teachers’ and student’s knowledge regarding parasitology, and promotion the idea of foreign voluntary service.

The activities in the frame of the project included preparation of modified programme of teaching parasitology, including introduction of field and laboratory classes, preparation of training programme for teachers and students based of prepared curriculum, and implementation of a cycle of trainings for  LITA students and teachers. In their framework, seven theoretical lectures and ten field-laboratory practical  classes were carried out. 2 teachers and 89 students were trained. A video projector, a centrifuge, two repetitive pipettes, a set of laboratory accessories, two first-aid kits and two sets for eyewash were purchased. Moreover, during the implementation of the project, the Tanzanian side was continuing modernization of a classroom by building a water container and independent water supply to a parasitological laboratory.

Promotion of the idea of foreign voluntary service among  scientific workers and students of veterinary sciences was conducted by means of educational initiative, which has been carried out in Poland. In it's framework on 28 October and 19 December 2013 in the building of the SSGW Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw, two informational meetings took place, during which a slideshow presenting implementation of the project was screened. A DVD film was also prepared, an exhibition of photograms from the project was opened in the Department of Parasitology and Invasiology, and the volunteer’s article was published in Życie Weterynaryjne magazine (No 12/2013).