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Street children in Lima - on their way for a smile

Despite the economic and social improvement in Peru, children are a group that is the most vulnerable to poverty. Approximately 25% of children aged 0-11 live in poverty. Quality of life depends on numerous  factors, such as place of residence, mother tongue (Spanish of Quechua), as well as regional differences.

The project was implemented between 1 June and 30 November 2013 in Lima (Peru), and counted with the participation of one volunteer, who stayed there from 5 July to 4 October. The coordinator of the project was the Foundation Papaya, and the local partners were the Ayllu Situwa Association, andCreativeEducationCenter Kangur.

The aim of the project was to prevent poverty and social exclusion of children and youth living in poor neighbourhoods in Lima, and those coming from difficult backgrounds.

The main element of the project was educational and pedagogical work of the volunteer with the children living in the children’s house of Ayllu Situwa Association, as well as homeless children (street working). The educational part of the project was to make a documentary film about street children, and workshops for children in Poland.

Over the course of the project, the volunteer conducted creative thinking workshops and art classes for Ayllu Situwa residents, she also organised reading classes. In total, 36 hours of classes were carried out, attended by 5-8 participants. The volunteer conducted 31 hours of English classes, and 211 reading lessons.

As part of the street work, the volunteer organised classes for the children from shantytown Pacifico de Villa, that included homework help, English, creative thinking lessons and workshops promoting good hygiene habits and eco-friendly attitudes. In total, 16 hours of creative thinking workshops and classes on dealing with difficult situations were organised, that were addressed to the children from poor neighbourhoods, and the total number of hours spent by the volunteer in Pacifico de Vila was 112. 50 children were offered support and assistance during the project activities.

During the entire stay the volunteer gathered materials for a documentary film about the street children in Lima. After her return, a 30’ film was produced, and presented during educational workshops for children and parents in the Creative Education Center Kangur. 5 lesson plans were also created, their electronic versions are available at Foundatin's website.