Polska pomoc


Spotlight on: food - dissemination of reliable information on the food system and sustainable agricultural policy

The project was intended to popularise knowledge about development issues, with particular focus on food system and sustainable agricultural policy. The target group of the project consisted of people interested in media activity (mainly students of journalism).

Under the project, more than 50 media releases on sustainable agricultural policy were published on IGO's website. Two media workshops were also organised dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty. They were attended by 50 students of journalism and related programmes. A media campaign was organised, and press materials were published concerning the subject of the project in the national mass media, web portals and on blogs specialising in the issues of development of the Global South countries. Extra-curriculum classes and a media campaign addressed to junior secondary school pupils took place. The project also involved two discussion meetings dedicated to food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture (the meetings were held in Kraków and Warsaw). A competition for a press release concerning the global food system and its relationship with life quality in the Global South countries also took place, while 800 teachers from 400 junior high schools received educational sets on the subject of the global food system.