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Specialized doctors for Chad

The project was implemented between 1July and 31 December 2012 in Donomanga (Chad), and 3 doctors were involved. A trainee doctor stayed in Chad between 2 October and 31 December 2012, and two others  between 20 October and 1 December. The sending organisation was the Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner was Design Office and Liaison Action Charity and Development (BELACD). The project’s beneficiaries were the community members from Donomanga and the hospital staff.

The aim of the project was to improve health care in the hospital Donomanga, to reduce maternal mortality and to conduct trainings for the local workers about health care, and for the local community about the hygiene and infectious diseases.

Over her stay, the trainee doctor was responsible for the overall medical care and the preparation of the patients for gynaecological and anaesthetic consultations. The specialists were responsible for operations, premedication visits, consultations and interventions in the field of general and emergency medicine.

As a result of the project, each of the specialists worked a total of 327 hours in the hospital. 42 operations were conducted (among them 9 lifesaving ones), and 56 general and emergency consultations and interventions.

The trainee doctor worked a total of 645 hours, carried out 686 gynaecological consultations including diagnostic ultrasound, supervised 27 natural labours and assisted with 5 caesareans. She also conducted 151 general consultations. Among other duties of the trainee doctor were checks in the hospital wards twice a day, diagnosis and treatment of the hospitalised patients, changing dressings and providing minor treatments, emergency help and continuing the antiretroviral therapy of the patients with HIV/AIDS.

Another part of the project was a series of trainings for nurses about a proper patient care, analgesic and antipyretic treatment, anaesthesia, obstetric aid, and hygiene. In addition, the patients and their families were trained about healthy eating habits and hygiene.