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Sources of the effective global education

The project is a continuation of earlier actions devoted to the development of global education (GE) at the first stage of education.

Until now, there have not been many comprehensive projects in Poland that focus on the youngest children. GE at this level of education continues to be a novelty and there is little teaching material to choose from. The newest core curriculum lacks GE content, which will probably result in a lack of such content in the new textbooks. At the same time, there is a noticeable demand and openness of teachers to the new content matter related to GE.

The project is addressed to all groups that have an influence on early school education. This includes teachers, teacher educators, persons educating active teachers as well as persons responsible for textbooks. The project is also meant to convince persons and institutions already engaged in GE to open up to this age group.

Since 2012, the Association has been propagating GE for children of grades I-III. The project “Global education in kindergarten and early school education” and four editions of the project “Global education for the youngest” (financed by the Polish MFA in 2012-2016) have been implemented.

Sources of the effective global education

This national, three-year (August 2018 – April 2020) educational project is designed to disseminate and raise the quality of global education (GE) at the first stage of education (grades I-III of primary school). Planned actions include polling early-education teachers on the subject of GE, analysis of current textbooks for grades I-III, cascade training for early-education teachers from smaller localities, the School for Trainers of Global Education for the Youngest with internships, as well as preparation and issue of teaching aids, i.e. 18 educational packages on the subject of Sustainable Development Goals, two new kamishibai tales and a national conference.

In the long run, the project aims to strengthen the significance of GE in both formal and non-formal education, as well as to improve awareness of the significance of GE among educators and teachers. Through cooperation with educationists and Teacher Training Centres, pedagogical universities and publishers, GE issues can be incorporated into the system of training and professional development of teachers, and by supplying good-quality educational materials to help teachers in using this content matter in their work with children. Through an analysis of the needs of teachers, training of educators and experience exchange during conferences, the project is to encourage GE activities of various entities, addressed to students of grades I-III of primary school.