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Social inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities - Mołotkowicze

The direct beneficiaries of the project were pupils of a school for special needs children in Mołotkowicze - children from 7 through 18 years with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the project was to develop a program of post boarding school adaptation of students with intellectual disabilities, by broadening the available range of professional skills development, thereby increasing opportunities for school pupils to prepare for a self-reliance life.

Actions carried out under the project concentrated on upgrading and supplementing the existing school materials in areas related to the preparation of students for further self-reliance life. Modernisation included the purchase of pottery (pottery wheel, clay, kiln), positions passe-partout, materials for carpentry, computer workstation for the needs of a tailor and cosmetic workshops. The mentioned equipment enabled the pupils to acquire new facilities and expand existing professional competence necessary to continue self-reliance living.

The value of the grant was calculated based on the average exchange rate of NBP valid on the starting day of the project.