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Social inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities - Antopol

The direct beneficiaries of the project were protégés of a boarding school for children with special needs in Antopol which implements the program of special education for children with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the project was to develop a program of post boarding school adaptation of students with intellectual disabilities, by broadening the available range of professional skills development, thereby increasing opportunities for school pupils to deal in a self-reliant life.

Actions carried out under the project focused on upgrading and supplementing their existing school materials base in areas related to the preparation of students for further self-reliance life. Each of the activities related to the modernisation of individual studio workshops (pottery, gardening, tailoring), in which pupils gain first practical professional skills. The particularly important aim was to equip “theme rooms” so as to create conditions similar to "real housing", in which students are prepared for the future self-reliance. Renovated rooms and workshops will be used by next years’ pupils of the boarding school.

The value of the grant was calculated based on the average exchange rate of NBP valid on the starting day of the project.