Polska pomoc


Shooting the World

The project was carried out between 1st June and 31st December 2012 throughout Poland. Its aims was to increase the quality and quantity of the information about the global interdependences, which are available to the Polish students, and also increase the involvement of the students in the activities related to the global education. In order to achieve these goals, the project aimed to initiate and support the activities of student film clubs, that were to use the film library of the Centre of Civic Education. It offers a collection of documentary films related to the issues of the global education.

41 schools from across Poland that were chosen from 92 applications participated in the project. The activities included organising 8 one-day workshops in Warsaw and Katowice, that were attended by 58 teachers and 78 students in total. The workshops aimed at supporting the student film clubs at the moment of the beginning of their existence, and familiarising the students with the basics of the global education. 27 introductory workshops for students were conducted in the schools participating in the project. In total, 491 students took part in the trainings. For the members of the most active clubs, a two-day training was organised, which provided the participants with further knowledge on the topic.

Thematic materials were created, that functioned as an addition to the films from the library .The materials were available to the participants of the project. The articles discussed the topics of biofuels, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and responsible consumption. The existing collection was extended by acquiring 4 documentary films about the global interdependences. A promotional package for schools was created and distributed in 1,000 copies. A further support was provided for the film clubs that participated in the project by publishing materials on the website and on Facebook, and also distributing animation packets, banners and calendars.

Over the period of the duration of the project, the schools were able to use the film library with over 50 documentaries about the global education. The films were presented during the meetings of the film clubs, combined with discussions and workshops.

In total, 105 films were borrowed, and 120 screenings were held as part of the film club meetings. 40 clubs received training and substantive support.