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Shelter and health care assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Among the states bordering with Syria, most refugees who have left their country because of the war, are currently in Lebanon. The presence of such a large group of refugees in the territory of Lebanon is related to big burdens for this country: both of social and economic dimension. Polish Centre of International Aid carried out a project in several towns in north Lebanon. Its aim was to provide shelter and basic medical care for the refugees, to run the transit centre for the newcomers, and to inform about the situation in Syria and Polish Aid. Part of the project of PCIA was implemented in the unconditional cash&voucher mode. In this case, this method is based on providing financial aid through prepaid cards. The cards are topped up every month with a predetermined amount. As part of the project, 625 families were to be supported (approx. 2,800 people).

Following activities were implemented:

  • Throughout the duration of the project financial aid will be granted to refugees and their host families (approx. 80 USD per hosting family for one person, max. 160 USD per hosting family, with the highest of 500 USD per household). Project activities will supply both families that already benefitted from the PCIA actions and new families;
  • As part of the project, PCIA arranged an activity aiming at adapting a building to be used as a transit centre, where 30 families will be able to be lodged at the same time. The total cost of the adaptation will equal 7,000 USD.
  • In cooperation with the local partner, in the town of Bire, one of the biggest centres for the refugees in Akkar province, the project will support functioning of the local clinic that attends approx. 50 patients weekly. As part of the project, the salaries will be delivered to two doctors, one administrative worker, and cover costs of medicines for the refugees (children and chronically ill), and also two visits of Polish doctors, who will train the clinic staff and personnel from other medical centres of the Akkar region.