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Services response at the CBRN action scene

For several years now, Georgia has been improving its defence capacity against CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) factors. In March 2015, as the first country to take part in the European Commission initiative concerning CBRN Centres of Excellence, Georgia adopted the CBRN National Action Plan.

Police officers are the first response link and are among the first to arrive at an event. Their duties include correct detection and identification of threats, securing the location of an event and summoning proper assistance. In the case of a threat of explosion, police are also responsible for neutralising the explosive and conducting further procedures.

The project is comprehensive, taking into account that apart from actions performed on-site, police duties also include providing accurate information, preventing panic and maintaining law and order.

Services response at the CBRN action scene

The aim of the project is to convey to Georgian police officers the principles and methods of response applied in Poland in the event of a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) factor. Under this priority, measures taken have strengthened the capacity of Tbilisi’s public administration (police) in the field of preventing and responding to natural and manmade disasters. The project’s implementation has resulted in improving safety related to terrorist threats with the use of a CBRN factor.