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Seminar on Polish transformation experiences

On 26-27 June 2014, together with the World Bank and the Polish National Bank, the Department of Development Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-organised a seminar on the experiences of Polish transformation and its relevance for the countries of the Eastern Partnership. The seminar was opened by the Undersecretary of State, Ms Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, together with the Regional Director of the World Bank for Central Europe and the Baltics, Ms Mamta Murthi. The outline of the Polish transformation experiences since 1989 and the main directions of the political and economic changes during the last 25 years, and their expectations towards the participants-visitors from the EaP countries were discussed by the representatives of the national delegations and high-ranking officials of the World Bank. Among the EaP delegation members were senior officials to the level of undersecretaries of state of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. They represented financial, economic and privatisation sectors, and central banks.

The session discussing the construction of the local government institutions and their development, challenges and obstacles of the process of decentralisation was led by professor Wojciech Misiąg, former Deputy Minister of Finance and Vice President of the Supreme Audit Office, and dr. Marcin Święcicki, Member of Parliament, former Minister of Foreign Economic Cooperation and mayor of Warsaw. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mr Jan Vincent Rostowski gave a lecture about key conclusions of the Polish transformation. Professor Ryszard Kokoszyński, Vice President of the Institute of Economics of Polish National Bank and its former Vice President explained the process of constructing independent institutions, using the Polish National Bank as an example. Dr Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, former Minister of Justice and President of the Supreme Audit Office presented the main conditions and courses of action in the struggle against corruption.

During the second day of the seminar, Dr. Stefan Kawalec, former Deputy Minister of Finance and the President of the consulting firm “Capital Strategy” presented the achievements and problems of the processed of privatisation in Poland. Professor Ryszard Petru, President of the Society of Polish Economists, presented an analytical and predictive model of the Polish economy, indicating the future possible risks. The last speaker was Professor Jerzy Wilkin from the University of Warsaw, who discussed the position of the food and agricultural sector in the Polish economy and presented its determinants in the context of the integration process with the EU.

The guests of the EaP countries actively participated in the seminar, often asking detailed questions, related closely with the transformation processes in their own countries. Fruitful exchange of experiences gained from implementing various models of reforming the economy and organisation of the public institutions was ended with a general agreement to extend the model of the conference to regular meetings.

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