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Science for Development Aid Programs

Between 15 June and 31 December, the Partners Poland Foundation carried out a project whose final beneficiaries were Polish scientific and research institutions. Their employees and associates, i.e. young scientists, were given the opportunity for professional development in the field of research and reflection on strategies, techniques and objectives of international development aid. It was assumed that at least 10 institutions and at least 10 young scientists will participate in the project.

The main goal of the project was to enable a group of young scientists to participate in international conferences, congresses and seminars of their choice on international development aid by granting them conference scholarships. It was further intended to contribute to improving the way Polish aid is perceived abroad by increasing the presence of Polish scientists who represent scientific institutions at international scientific events dedicated to international development aid. Furthermore, the project was intended to improve - in the scientific community, i.e. approx. 600 institutions covered by promotional activity envisaged in this project - knowledge of projects pursued as part of the Polish development aid programme and the need for research that would help improve their effectiveness, efficiency and scope. A long-term goal of the project was to intensify inter-sectoral cooperation between scientific, academic communities and NGOs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by improving young scientists' knowledge of development aid as an attractive area of cooperation.

The project involved activities of two types: promoting knowledge of development aid in the Polish scientific community and holding the third edition of the scholarship competition for young scientists, entitled "Science for development aid". As part of the first type of these activities, briefings were held in Gdansk, Lublin and Poznan and 560 scientific institutions and individual scientists received information materials by mail and email. Moreover, 920 NGOs were informed of the upcoming competition by email.

Under the competition, 14 applications for funding of PLN 55 490 in total were filed. The selection board decided to grant scholarships to 8 scientists. Ultimately, scholarships were granted to 6 scientists who took part in international conferences and seminars in Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Chile and the UK. The total value of the grants awarded amounted to PLN 25 869.49, of which PLN 17 012.63 were used.