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School of rural entrepreneurship in Ukraine

The problem addressed by the project is the deepening social exclusion and difficulties with finding a job in Ukrainian rural areas. In central Ukraine, rural areas and small towns have been particularly damaged by the communist regime. The inhabitants have emerged from the social and economic transformation victimised, distrustful and often helpless. Many have lost the ability to build social ties and to act collectively to improve their situation.

These needs were addressed in the projects implemented in the years 2014 – 2015, with the establishment of micro-enterprises in 15 villages to service tourism. These initiatives are continued and are in fact changing the rural areas. However, obstacles have been encountered along the way. An answer to this is the idea of creating a ”School of rural entrepreneurship in Ukraine.” This is an informal school that nevertheless gives concrete skills and the necessary knowledge. It seeks the best solutions, building on the Polish and also European experience in rural renewal and diversity of economic activity in rural areas. The school trains animators of multi-aspect tourism, i.e. persons prepared to work with tourists, capable of creating and organising games, thematic walks, a new type of village museum, handicraft workshops, educational activities referring to the village cultural and natural heritage, as well as starting ventures associated with the production of souvenirs and food processing on a small scale.

School of rural entrepreneurship in Ukraine

The main aim is to raise the skills of small rural entrepreneurs and their workers through the creation of a vocational training centre in central Ukraine. The school will prepare for activities extending beyond the traditional agricultural activity in rural areas and will transfer skills that are needed to animate local development.

Under the project, a model for training was worked out and tested on entrepreneurs and employees of small rural enterprises engaged in non-agricultural activity and village renewal. The aim was to prepare training and expert staff capable of teaching residents of Ukrainian villages about entrepreneurship. Knowledge and skills were transferred to workers of micro-enterprises created in Ukrainian villages in the years 2014 and 2015 and to persons planning to take up similar initiatives in the future. In addition, micro-enterprises created in 2014 – 2015 were prepared to fill the role of a Local Competence Centre, as a place to learn in the field. A programme to train animators of multi-aspect tourism was worked out and verified.

Other activities included workshops for organisers, preparation of electronic tools to service the School, publication of a manual, several workshops and a study visit for trainers, workshops for the first group of participants and a conference ending the project.

School of rural entrepreneurship in Ukraine

The model for training rural entrepreneurs was prepared and verified. It is now ready for further implementation and development within the “School of rural entrepreneurship” (the model includes a tested method, a team of trainers with tutorial competences and a manual).

Thanks to the implementation of the project, a 12-person team of trainers and experts were trained to conduct classes in the ”School of rural entrepreneurship.” Every trainer took part in three workshops for trainers, a study visit to Poland, conducted pilot classes, cared for two or three participants, and at the end received a certificate.

The first group of graduates of the school (25 persons, of which 23 received a certificate) went through the whole training process (five workshops, e-learning, performance of task as a diploma project), successfully completed the required activities, received diplomas and expressed positive opinions about the school.

The school has a manual (160 pages, 300 copies, also available in electronic form) and a set of electronic tools (educational platform, FB profile) with a concept for their use. The method of teaching rural entrepreneurs on the basis of Local Competence Centres was positively verified. There are six such centres (Ivkovica, Golovkivka, Gielmaziv, Lesky, Mezhirich and Sorokotiaga).