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Saving lives knows no boundaries - Poland supports emergency medical service in Ukraine

Giving first aid to car accident victims, people drowning in a lake, a worker who cut off his leg while operating a saw in a park, and victims of a night mass event – these are only some of the tasks facing participants of a Polish-Ukrainian emergency medical rescuer exercise. The manoeuvres were held on 2-4 September 2016 in Berehove, Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Oblast, as part of the “Development of voluntary emergency medical service system in Ukraine” project, which is being implemented under the 2016 Polish Development Assistance Programme.

The manoeuvres were attended by a total of 64 volunteer rescuers. Ukraine was represented by teams from seven cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Berehove, Zaporizhia, and Mariupol. The participants had to complete six rescue operations, which were evaluated by a team of professional rescuers.Some participants had taken part in the events on Kyiv’s Maidan or, as rescuers from Mariupol, every day face the need to save the health and life of the local population.

This is the second year when Polish medical rescuers support the development of voluntary emergency medical services in Ukraine. They organise training in qualified first aid, exercises and other activities which provide volunteers with opportunities to test their skills and share knowledge and experience. In addition, the project beneficiaries received high-quality specialized equipment to be used during rescue operations and training.

This year, nearly 180 people have been trained in first aid, of whom 40 have taken part in training in qualified first aid. In June, 15 volunteers from Ukraine attended a certification course and passed the Polish state exam for Qualified First Aid Rescuers.

Project "Development of voluntary emergency medical service system in Ukraine" implemented by the Order of Malta Poland (no 216/2016). The value of the MFA funding - PLN 490 600.

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