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Safe rescuer - effective rescuer. Present and future personal protection.

The aim of the project was to improve the work safety of Georgian rescuers. This was achieved with support from the Department of Crisis Situations at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia by providing complete sets of specialist personal protective equipment and training technical staff on how to use this equipment. The equipment used previously was outdated, worn out and uncertain in operation. Particular attention was paid to the problem of maintaining the equipment in full working order. This concerned cylinders for compressed air, masks and the entire set of personal protective equipment. Such equipment unnecessarily exposed rescuers to danger and decreased their efficiency due to equipment failures.

The project was aimed at rescuers taking part in dealing with the aftermath of disasters and extraordinary events and to other people whose work calls for the use of equipment for personal protection, particularly of the respiratory tract. The target group consisted of members of the management staff overseeing rescuer workers in Georgia: the management of the Department of Crisis Situations and Georgian government representatives associated with the operation of public safety systems.

Safe rescuer - effective rescuer. Present and future personal protection.

The project was aimed at:

  • raising the awareness of decision-makers regarding the application of efficient, modern technological solutions to personal protective equipment;
  • improving skills of maintenance staff through practical training;
  • enabling rescuer workers to improve their own skills with the provided specialist equipment.

The project envisaged three kinds of support:

  • seminars for people deciding on safety policy in the fire services and in central administration bodies, as well as for rescuer workers taking part in rescue missions;
  • practical training for technical and maintenance service personnel on the use of personal protective equipment;
  • supplying equipment to protect the respiratory tract.

Safe rescuer - effective rescuer. Present and future personal protection.

The project, which began in March 2014, established cooperation with the management of the Crisis Management Department, unit responsible for all rescue services in Georgia.

In the course of the project, six maintenance workers were trained in the use of personal protective equipment. Representatives of the beneficiary were also acquainted with regulations currently in force in Poland and in the EU, and Drager certificates were issued, authorising maintenance of devices to protect the respiratory tract in accordance with EU standards and rules. Specialist equipment was purchased and turned over, including the first device in Georgia for testing respiratory tract protection apparatuses, the Testor 2100.