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Running four Medical and Social Clincs in Eastern Ukraine

Figures from June 2017 show there are approximately 1.6 million internal refugees from Donbass and the Crimea registered in Ukraine. The conflict in the eastern part of the country continues, causing damage and triggering additional humanitarian needs. One of the key areas that need humanitarian relief is the health sector. The Ukrainian health service is inefficient, whereas the needs in the places where internal refugees settle are dire. The Caritas project follows up on the 2016-2017 activities, and addresses the needs of internal refugees and the local community.

Running four Medical and Social Clincs in Eastern Ukraine

The project aims to improve the quality of medical services available to internally displaced people and the local community in eastern Ukraine. Caritas will operate four medical and welfare offices in Kharkiv, Bierdiansk, Krzywy Rog oraz Mariupol. The medical offices will offer diagnosis (USG tests), medical treatment, tests, prevention, prescription drugs and distribution of hygiene products.

The project is addressed to the most socially vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, old-age pensioners requiring medical treatment, children, single mothers, families with many children and disabled persons. The total number of persons that will benefit from the services of the medical and welfare offices is estimated to be more than 10 thousand.

The work of the four medical and welfare offices will help to reduce the incidence of diseases, to treat chronic diseases, and to form the habit of preventive check-ups (especially dental check-ups) and will improve the overall health condition of the inhabitants who will benefit from the project.