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Revitalisation of fishery ponds and orchards for Arhuaco community

The target group of the project is the Arhuaco community, occupying the village of Jimain, within the territory of the city of Pueblo Bello, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The group comprises 27,000 Indians who have traditionally farmed the land. As the armed conflict in Sierra Nevada became more severe, the natural environment deteriorated and the Arhuacos were being resettled and persecuted. Since the beginning of the armed conflict, the Indians have suffered poverty and the lack of institutional aid, which has had a drastic effect on the level of malnutrition among children.

Revitalisation of fishery ponds and orchards for Arhuaco community

The project is scheduled for the period 1 November to 20 December, 2016. The purpose of the project is to strengthen crops and restore social balance among the Arhuaco on lands which belong to them - the village of Jimain, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Columbia.

The project provides for the revitalization of four fish ponds and four orchards.

The project is carried out directly by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bogota, which will purchase the fish and plants as well as the equipment required to revitalise the ponds.

For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: USD 1 = PLN 4.2493.

Revitalisation of fishery ponds and orchards for Arhuaco community

The project was implemented according to the plan, i.e. from 1 November to 20 December 2016. The Polish mission cooperated with the local Arhuaco leader, which facilitated a smooth implementation of the project. The Indian community deepened and adjusted two ponds, where 700 hundred purchased fish were released. Orchards  with plants serving as food, e.g. malanga and yucca were established close to the ponds. Also, mills for grinding plants and turning them into food for fish were purchased. Additionally, a drying facility was built to store food. The university staff of the Faculty of Food Safety of the University of Bogota was asked to participate in the project in the capacity of advisers and they supervised for free the quality of the purchased fish and plants. Thanks to the project, the local community of the Arhuaca Indians has access to fresh food, which is to prevent  high malnutrition rates, especially among children.

The value of the project amounted to USD 3,033.31 and was fully covered by the donation of the Polish Aid.