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Restroom for Tegh School

The population of the village of Tegh in the Syunik Province amounts to 2,400 residents, who are mostly farmers. During the 1993 Karabakh War, the village was under artillery fire. During the shooting, among others, the School no. 2 was damaged.

The school, located in a three-storey building, has 163 pupils. Its top floor and the sanitary facilities were partially damaged during the war and the facilities are yet to be rebuilt. Neither the school nor the local administration have funds for the necessary reconstruction and renovation. The pupils and teachers are forced to use a temporary toilet outside the building, regardless of the season or the weather.

The fact that such a huge facility has no bathroom is below any standards. As a result, it is impossible to instill in pupils basic hygiene habits, such as washing their hands, as a result various infections are frequently being spread. Renovation of the toilets will help create decent learning and working conditions for the pupils and the teachers.

The school was a beneficiary of one of the USAid projects, which helped to create the school computer lab. At present, in 2016, one volunteer of the Peace Corps is working at the school.

Restroom for Tegh School

The project is scheduled to be implemented from 20 June to 30 October 2016 in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Yerevan and its local partner, the School no. 2 in the Tegh village. Its objective is to improve the sanitary conditions at the school.

The project provides for the following actions: purchasing construction and hydraulic materials and the equipment; the renovation and assembly works (laying the floor, building the walls, mounting toilet bowls, washbasins, doors, windows, laying the electrical wiring), preparing a trench for the septic tank (the school has no sewage system) and laying the drainage pipe.

Moreover, one-hour chats will be organised for grades 1-4 on the effect that hygiene exerts on human health and how to use the toilet properly and keep it clean. A “Health Day” will also be organised with presentations on hygiene for the pupils, teachers and parents.

One hundred and sixty-three pupils, thirty-two teachers and school employees will be the beneficiaries of the project.

Restroom for Tegh School

The project was implemented from 26 July to 28 August 2016. Its objective was to improve the sanitary conditions at the School no. 2 in the village of Tegh by rebuilding the sanitary facilities and the toilet on the first floor of the building. The construction and hydraulic materials as well as the equipment were purchased, the renovation and assembly works were completed (the floor was laid, the walls were built, the toilet bowls, washbasins, doors and windows were mounted), the trench for the septic tank was prepared and the drainage pipe was laid in accordance with the project implementation plan. Moreover, one-hour chats for grades 1-4 and the “Health Day” presentation on hygiene were organised.

The project was co-financed by the Polish Aid grant amounting to approximately PLN 15,500 (EUR 3,730) and its entire value amounted to over PLN 22,000 (over EUR 5,000). For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: EUR 1 = PLN 4.1749.