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Recognition for Polish missionaries

Under Secretary of State Jerzy Pomianowski thanks Polish missionaries and priests for their cooperation with Poland’s diplomatic missions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been providing aid to the poorest populations in Africa, Asia and South America. The aid projects are implemented by Polish missionaries and volunteers working under the auspices of Church organisations and religious orders. Projects that raise the level of education, health and living conditions have produced excellent results and have reached the most needy. A school for the blind run by Sister Rafaela, a Polish Franciscan nun, was built in Kibeho, in Ruanda, thanks to a project financed by the MFA. This year, Sister Rafaela received the Polish Prize of Sergio Vieira de Mello, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, now in its ninth edition.

On 21 October, MFA Under Secretary of State Jerzy Pomianowski thanked the missionaries for their many years of work, speaking in the Cathedral Basilica in the Praga District of Warsaw on the World Mission Day. The host of the event was Father Archbishop Henryk Hosner SAC, the bishop of Warsaw’s Praga District.

The Deputy Minister said that Polish priests and missionaries work very well with Poland’s diplomatic missions, underscoring the many areas where their tasks overlap. “Poland’s foreign policy is based on stable ethical foundations: human rights, human security and respect for human dignity,” said Pomianowski.

The ceremony was followed by the inauguration of an exhibition illustrating the work of Polish missionaries among India’s poorest people.

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