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Raising health care awareness of people of Kawango region in Namibia

In the time period between July 25th and December 31st 2010 Foundation of Humanitarian Aid "Redemptoris Missio” in cooperation with Holy Family Parish in Andara executed a project concerning health care and health education for inhabitants of Namibian region Kavango. The whole project covered the period of 12 months and ended on July 25th 2011. During the project a volunteer was working as a nurse in VCT Center “New Start” clinic, clinics in Kavango region, in outbound clinics: Kangongo, Mayara, Biro, Omega, Mutjiku, Bagani and Shamatura Clinic, in CHS hospital in Andara as well as in Girls and Boys Hostel in Andara.

The premise of the project was a request of Holy Family Parish’s Parson and Hospital in Andara to supplement the facility with qualified medical staff. The hospital took care of 30 thousand inhabitants, but the local community suffered from lack of qualified personnel that would correspond to the strong demand. The immediate aim was support for medics working in the hospital in Andara, providing basic medical care (caring for the sick received on an outpatient basis, as well as hospitalized, working in clinics, assisting with surgeries, laboratory work, caring for the sick at home.) Long-term objectives were persecuted through health education, health promoting programmes, programmes promoting awareness of the threat of disease and how to avoid it. The beneficiaries of the long-time aims was the local community (children, youth, patients).

The duties of the volunteer were:

  • caring for sick and healthy received on an outpatient and stationary basis in hospital in Andara (till the end of 2010 the volunteer received 1 623 patients on an outbound basis),
  • assisting in medical supply management in clinics and the hospital,
  • assisting in laboratory work – performing 318 tests for the presence of malaria, 693 test for the presence of HIV, 62 measurements of HB concentration,
  • assisting the doctors with minor procedures performed in the hospital (25 procedures),
  • working as a nurse as a part of the outbound clinics to nearby health care centers in the bushes (in 2010 the volunteer took part in 8 of those outbound clinics),
  • health prophylaxis of mother and child – PMTCT programme (395 consultations),
  • performing vaccinations on children (289 vaccinations),
  • conducting surveys designed to conduct patient screenings for tuberculosis cases (1177 surveys),
  • conducting health promoting meetings for children and youths attending school and residing in the Hostels in Andara,
  • conducting lectures for the local population as a part of development organisation and raising awareness about the most common health problems in the region and prevention of these diseases,
  • conducting epidemiological surveys for scientific purposes among patients and the local population (292 surveys),
  • executing and fulfilling the Safety Yellow Form – monitoring the toxicity of medications used in the ART treatment (535 surveys),
  • qualification of the HIV positive patients for the prevention of the opportunistic infections with the use of Cortimoxazol - CPT programme (770 patients enrolled in the CPT prophylaxis).