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Raising ecological awarness awarness among Moldovan citizens - Eco-campaign on water and energy saving

Efficient energy use constitutes one of the priorities of Moldova specified in the Energy Strategy 2030. The document, divided into two parts – objectives for the years 2013-2020 and  2021-2030 – includes guidelines for developing the country’s energy sector. By 2020 the country should  its energy losses reduced by 20%, inter alia, by decreasing energy intensity and limiting energy consumption of buildings.

At the same time, economical and environment-friendly technologies are strongly promoted in Moldova. Citizens' level of awareness on how their daily actions impact the environment is still low. As a consequence, rivers and ground waters are highly polluted, which may present an ecological threat to about one million residents of municipal and rural areas situated at the river banks.

Raising ecological awarness awarness among Moldovan citizens - Eco-campaign on water and energy saving

Introducing innovative and environment-friendly solutions in Moldova presents an opportunity to conduct an awareness eco-campaign calling attention to the need to save water and electricity. The campaign was to make consumers realize that their actions and choices affected the natural environment surrounding them. The project was to contribute to the improvement of the state of the natural environment by reducing pollution (detergents) discharged into waste water as well as by saving water and electricity.

The project was being implemented from October to December 2015 in Chisinau, in cooperation with the local Youth European Business Association – YEBA. The project was addressed to about 700,000 residents of the capital of Moldova. The potential beneficiaries were also Polish enterprises planning to invest in energy and green technologies in the country.

The funds of the Polish Aid were to be used to hold an event for Polish enterprises in order for them to learn about the support instruments available in the Moldovan market. Moreover, B2B meetings were planned for the Polish entrepreneurs and Moldovan enterprises. Also, a report including recommendations for potential investors from Poland planning to enter the Moldovan market was to be prepared within the framework of the project. 

For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: EUR 1 = PLN 4.2249.

Raising ecological awarness awarness among Moldovan citizens - Eco-campaign on water and energy saving

An information campaign was conducted within the framework of the project to communicate how the choices made by consumers impacted the natural environment. Sixteen billboards were produced and placed in the main streets of Chisinau. The campaign was promoted in the local media – messages were prepared in the Romanian and Russian languages and published on the Internet and broadcast on the radio and television. Moreover, the campaign's advertising banner was posted on the Internet.

A forum was organised during the project, where Polish enterprises could learn about the requirements for investing on the Moldovan market. At the B2B meetings accompanying the conference, Polish entrepreneurs could establish contacts with representatives of 40 Moldovan enterprises. Over 100 persons took part in the event, including the representatives of national institutions and organisations. The event was promoted on the Internet and TV (12 information sources altogether).

The conference as well as the entire event were summed up with recommendations prepared in the form of a report. They pertained to the areas of economic activity, where it is possible to exert a positive social and market impact by joining efforts of non-governmental organizations and enterprises which apply green technologies. The recommendations were sent to all participants of the conference as well as business organisations and sectoral associations. The report was also posted on the YEBA website.

The project contributed to raising ecological awareness of the Chisinau residents. It is to provide an impetus for changing consumer attitudes of the residents and urge them to make better-informed and pro-ecological choices.