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Quality improvement in the education of children of St. Gabriele Childerns Home, Mateves, Tanzania

In the time period between June 20th and December 31st 2010 Angelus Silesius House executed a project designed to provide health care for children between ages of 2 and 12 permanently or temporarily residing in Saint Gabriel Children’s Home, located in Mateves, on the outskirts of the Tanzanian town of Arusha. The families of children also received support from the volunteer in obtaining funding for the Centre (a home for children and a school) in Mateves. Educational materials created during the project and other actions implemented within the framework of the educational initiative were utilised by students and teachers of schools cooperating with the Angelus Silesius House (approximately 40 schools from the region of Lower Silesia).

The main objective of the project was caring for 12 pupils of Saint Gabriel Children’s Home, children whose mothers have been put (often without decree absolute) in a nearby arrest in Arusha; creating a plan of educational work with children through art and play along with linguistic and cultural education (teaching basic English, organising children’s free time). Furthermore, the project sought to sensitize the environment i.e. the residents of Mateves to respect human rights in the context of children’s right to care, security, education, and health care, as well as to raise the competence of employees of the institution.

As a part of the project the volunteer conducted:

  • activating classes in English carried out in methods of non-formal education for children in the Centre – 120 hours / 12 children
  • classes in the fields of education through art in English for children attending the school – 45 hours / 50 children
  • classes of basic English for children from class “0” – 15 hours / 25 children
  • classes on operating the Internet and internet websites for sisters leading the Centre 30 hours / 5 sisters 

The success achieved by the project was creation of intercultural understanding between children, center staff, local community, and the volunteer, as well as raising awareness of the children and their families about the need for education and learning in the free time as well. An unquestionable success was also the improvement of quality of management of the Center.

Educational initiative executed by the volunteer after her return to Poland covered:

  • photography exhibition consisting of 10 boards on canvas which were displayed two times ( in M.Rataj’s middle school in Żmirogród  and in “Geppert’s apartment” gallery in Wrocław)  and thereat seen by approximately 550 people. The photographs were specifically chosen to present the diversity of Tanzania and complexity of the volunteers work. Each photograph was accompanied by a description and a quote from the volunteer’s blog.
  • a series of 4 workshops addressed to middle school students (Żmirogród) and high schools students (Wroclaw) and teachers, during which 100 people were trained. The workshop was divided into two parts – the first concerning the principles of development and idea of voluntary work, while the second concerning the reality of African countries, especially Tanzania. Teachers taking part in the workshop gained knowledge about creative methods of teaching about countries from the south. The youths were confronted with the stereotypes about widely understood South that exist in public consciousness.