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Quality education the key to the improvement of life quality

The project will be implemented in India, in Hariana state in Gurgaon city that is located approx. 35 km from the centre of Delhi. Gurgaon has approx. 1.5 million residents. Gurkul Kalpataru School, where the volunteer works, is located in the Carterpuri area, a village that was incorporated into the city as Gurgaon developed.

The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of education. Indian schools put very little emphasis on personal development, creativity, noticing connections with the world and the environment, shaping citizenship or physical culture development. Indian education system is built so that the students could achieve the highest percentage result possible on test exams, therefore a lot of emphasis is put on memorizing the contents of science handbooks, their mother tongue and English.

Quality education the key to the improvement of life quality

The project is implemented between 1 July and 31 December 2014 by the Polish "Cultures of the World" Foundation and the Indian Aravindam Foundation, in Gurgaon city in the outskirts of Delhi in India. The volunteer stays in Gurgaon city from 5 October to 5 December 2014. The project will involve implementation of an educational initiative addressed to the Polish society.

Project beneficiaries are teachers with the school run by Aravindam Foundation, socially disfavoured families and the partner organisation itself, and all project measures are intended to improve access to and the quality of education. The educational initiative implemented in Poland is intended to provide information about the education system in India in selected Polish schools and to encourage young people to participate as volunteers in India.

Selection of beneficiaries, i.e. Indian teachers and families from the area of the Gurkul Kalpataru school, was made on the basis of the real needs indicated by the project partner: Aravindam foundation, and on the basis of the analysis of local needs performed by the volunteer in 2013. Aravindam foundation employs 10 teachers that hold classes for children aged between 3 and 15. Teachers will gain knowledge in the so-called “soft” competences. Another target group comprises of families fro disfavoured groups, for whom a series of meetings will be organized by the volunteer, showing the role of education in children's development. The volunteer will also support the partner organisation by designing a volunteer system for improving education at the school run by her.

The project is intended to implement priority 13, i.e. education, set within the "Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2012-2015". It is important to note that the Indian government introduced Right to Education Act in 2010 which makes education for children aged 6 - 14 obligatory and free. India has made huge progress towards Millennium Development Goal 2 – Achieve universal primary education, yet still not all children attend schools, and very low quality of education is a major problem.

Quality education the key to the improvement of life quality

Volunteer organized 12 workshops with 11 teachers from Indian school Gurkul Kalpatru, which purpose was to raise their “soft” skills. She organized 50 meetings with families with the worst social and economic situation, on which she talked about the significance of education in the improving of family’s economic situation. Volunteers task was also to improve the potential of Aravindam foundation, which she achieved by creating the strategy of engaging abroad volunteers in the foundation’s actions.

The integral part of the project was an educational initiative carried out in Poland. Within the scope of this action, project implementers published 200 educational packets in form of 14 photo cards and brochure with exercises concerning problems of education in India. On the basis of the materials, volunteer carried out 2 workshops for 34 students in Maria Curie-Skłodowska High School in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland.

Within the scope of the educational initiative, volunteer also co-organized 2 meetings about abroad volunteering in Warsaw and Cracow, in which approx. 50 people participated. The last action was promoting the project through publishing various text information and photos on social media, websites and blog written by the volunteer - http://wolontariusze-aravindam.blogspot.com/.