Polska pomoc


Public education on global development issues in Warsaw city buses and subway

The project was implemented over the period of four months, from the 15th of August until the 9th of December 2012, in Warsaw. It consisted of an educational initiative addressed to the Polish society.

The principal objective of the project was to raise public awareness in the relation to the economic and social problems of the developing countries. The topics covered in the campaign’s films included poverty, health, developmental problems and education.

The project responded to the problem of limited awareness of inequalities, and also economic and social problems of the countries of the Global South. The informational campaign describing several related issues was to raise the level of knowledge concerning the problems of the developing countries, and to promote positive attitudes, such as volunteering.

The initiative was aimed directly at those who use public transportation in Warsaw. As part of the project, short educational films were shown on the screens in 210 metro wagons and 248 buses. In total, 56 educational videos were presented. Quiz questions related to the campaign topics were displayed as well.

In total, the materials prepared as part of the project were displayed 100,320 times (3 times per hour, 16 hours a day), and the organisation’s website received 2,286 visits. The visitors looked at the website with quiz questions 7,102 times.