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Public Opinion Poll 2014 - Summary

In Poland, opinion polls regarding public support for Polish development cooperation with developing countries have been conducted for 10 years. The most recent poll was conducted in December last year by TNS Polska. Its results show that 71 percent of Poles believe that Poland should support the development of less developed countries, and only 17 percent are of a contrary opinion. The approval rate is 3 percent higher than in 2013. This rate has risen for the first time since 2008. Almost every other respondent (45 percent of those surveyed) who supports Poland’s provision of development assistance believes that we have a moral responsibility to help poorer countries. Forty two percent of respondents believe we have been helped by richer countries in the past, that is why we should also support the poorer ones nowadays. Respondents say that Poland can help poorer countries most in the fields of education (39 percent) and health (35 percent). According to those covered by the survey, television continues to be the most popular source of information about Polish aid for other countries (86 percent).

Eurobarometer conducted a similar opinion poll on a comparable sample of respondents in Poland and in other EU countries. It was run in September last year at the European Commission’s request. The survey preceded the “European Year for Development” (in 2015). According to the poll, 88 percent of Polish citizens consider helping people in developing countries to be important. It is a result similar to the European Union average, which is 85 percent.

For years, Poland has been engaged in development cooperation for developing countries. Development cooperation is effected through programmes and projects which are addressed to specific groups of beneficiaries (bilateral assistance), as well as fees and voluntary contributions donated to international institutions, funds and organizations (multilateral assistance). We support democratization, building modern and efficient state institutions, reducing poverty, improving human health, and raising the levels of education and labour qualifications of communities. This year, we will allocate more than PLN 1.5 billion to development cooperation.

Poland’s support helps carry out a number of projects, for example, upgrading water supply system in Kirgizstan and Tajikistan, which resulted in 30 thousand people gaining access to drinkable water, and creating a basic infrastructure for 8 thousand primary school pupils in Kenya. In Ukraine, innovative instruments to teach business skills have been developed and implemented at schools. Georgia has decided to embrace Polish solutions as regards the functioning of a system of small children’s homes.

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