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Providing humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons from the Kharkov regions in Ukraine

Within the framework of joined project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Headquarters of the State Fire Service and three NGOs – Caritas Poland, Polish Red Cross and the Polish Centre for International Aid in December 2014 joined transport with in-kind aid to Kharkiv region in Ukraine was organized.

The purpose of Caritas Poland’s project was transporting, delivering and donating for distribution of humanitarian aid for internally displaced people in the region of Kharkiv: 2 800 packages with food, hygienic products and clothes, 460 instruments for heating the rooms and 2 000 sleeping bags. Aid was donated to Caritas Ukraine, the partner of Caritas Poland, which supports internally displaced people in the region of Kharkiv. The emphasis in this project was placed on supporting:

  • Families, in which there is a single mother, families with many children (more than 5 members) or raising disabled children or taking care of disabled relatives
  • Pregnant women
  • People who lack any other social support (from public institutions, other organizations or private people)
  • Elderly people