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Promoting modern heating solutions - new boiler house for the Integration Centre in Zamlynnya

The Integration Centre operates in the rural area of the Zamlynnya village (the Volyn Oblast, Ukraine), one of its tasks is to provide people from rural areas with the same chances as those from big urban centres by carrying out activities connected with sports, education and culture. The facility also serves as a social and educational centre which, except for educational activities, also runs a common room for the residents of Zamlynnya and surrounding areas and provides care to the elderly.

Due to the insufficient funds for a major renovation of the building, the work of the facility is suspended in winter months, because of the temperature. Building a boiler house and installing the central heating system would allow to extend the offer of the facility and increase the number of people benefiting from its activities throughout the year.

The project constitutes the continuation of actions implemented by the Integration Centre in Zamlynnya within the framework of the Polish Aid. The Centre is located in an old building, where a military unit used to be stationed, and then it housed a hospital. The funds provided by small grants in 2013/2014 made it possible to replace the roof (which was too old and damaged), insulate the attic, install the water supply and drainage system, build partition walls and lay the floors.

Promoting modern heating solutions - new boiler house for the Integration Centre in Zamlynnya

The project is scheduled to be implemented from 1 July to 30 November 2015 in cooperation with the partner, the Integration Centre in Zamlynnya at the Religious Mission “Caritas-Spes” of the Lutsk Diocese Roman Catholic Church. Its objective is to build a boiler house, which will enable to extend the offer of the facility by adding social and educational activities for children, teenagers and the elderly in winter. The implementation of the project will be reflected in the number of people able to benefit from the activities of the Integration Centre (target growth: from 500 to 1200 people per year).

By creating appropriate infrastructure, the Centre can become an important facility promoting the European values and establishing an international understanding based on respect for other religions and cultures. Its activities may be reflected in better intercultural integration, which will allow to prepare the generation of young Ukrainians for active participation in the European family.

As a consequence of implementing the project, the Centre is planning to conduct the following actions: summer foreign language courses, holidays for children from war zones, an international conference for the health service, international meetings of non-governmental organizations and the voluntary service, making the rooms of the Centre available for holding meetings and organising pastime for the local population.

Promoting modern heating solutions - new boiler house for the Integration Centre in Zamlynnya

The project belonged to the group of investment projects. As a result of the actions undertaken in the Integration Centre, a boiler house was built, a central heating system and a generator powering a circulating pump (in the event of power outage) were installed and a solid fuel furnace and a furnace-heated water boiler were purchased. The possibility of heating the building in the winter allows to operate throughout the year, which means that the Centre actually increased its work capability thanks to the project. The application of proper heating technology reduced the costs of heating the building.

The direct results of the project include:

  • decreasing the financial costs of heating;
  • ensuring safe conditions for those who attend the Centre;
  • gradually increasing the number of people able to attend the Centre from 500 to 1,200 a year in the medium term.

The project was co-financed by  the Polish Aid grant amounting to about PLN 62,000 (about EUR 14,700) and its entire value amounted to about PLN 130,000 (EUR 30,340). For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: EUR 1 = PLN 4.2249.