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Preventing social exclusion of children and youth from the Ssese Islands

The project is implemented at the Ssese Islands, in the Kalangala region located in the north-western part of Uganda, at the Lake Victoria, covering 84 islands, of which 64 are deserted. This region has the highest ratio of HIV infections in Uganda. High mortality due to AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis resulted in the growing number of orphans in Uganda as well as in the childheaded families phenomenon. Major social problems include domestic violence, insufficient number of sanitary centres, low education levels.

Factors that may improve the quality of life of the islands' residents are improving the quality of education and supporting entrepreneurship of their residents.

Preventing social exclusion of children and youth from the Ssese Islands

The project is implemented between 18 June and 31 December. Volunteers will realize project tasks in Kalangala at Buggala island in Uganda, between 15 July and 23 December 2014. This project include an educational initiative.

The sending organisation is the Usłyszeć Afrykę Foundation, and the host organisation – Uganda Red Cross Society.

The main objective of the project is to reduce the threat of social exclusion of children and teenagers from the Kalangala district in Uganda by improving the quality of education offered to them as well as to improve self-reliance of beneficiaries participating in the project trough classes in the field of entrepreneurship and economy.

Project activities include workshops that develop the skills and talents of children and teenagers, intended to prevent and protect them against the threats posed by living in the community that is at risk of social exclusion. Improperly spent free time, lack of options of self-development all contribute to reaching for simple leisures that often end with addictions or HIV infection. Educational and cultural classes for children and teenagers, happenings and individual work in the form of counselling will promote changing behaviours of teenagers and adopting by them positive behaviours, models and habits.

Supporting the entrepreneurship of young people living on Kalangala is an important project element. Money management and development of entrepreneurship are incredibly important where lack of jobs does not allow people to follow a career and gives them no perspectives of self-reliance. Workshops conducted by volunteers will teach their participants marketing, production and sales of souvenirs to tourists visiting the island.

Direct beneficiaries of the project are: Kinymra primary school pupils and Bishop Dunstan secondary school pupils, female pupils at risk of social exclusion from the Kalaya Youth Training Center, teenagers from the Farm Institute agricultural school, teenagers from the local Gender Group.

Preventing social exclusion of children and youth from the Ssese Islands

Within the scope of the project volunteers carried out trainings, workshops and classes, which purpose was to challenge the inhabitants of Ssese Islands in Uganda and counteract the social exclusion.

Volunteers carried out 176 h of English classes in a group of 100 people from Kalangala region, thanks to which they improved the knowledge of this language among children and youth. Forty-four students of primary school could develop their art talents thanks to art workshops. Volunteers also organized souvenir making and basic entrepreneurship abilities workshops for 69 people, which should help young people to get a job in tourist industry. During individual and group development workshops, 60 people had the possibility of founding and developing their talents. Moreover, volunteers carried out sport classes for 34 children from Kalangala district, 22 h of culinary workshops for 21 people, as well as workshops about basics of economy and effective money managing for 44 people.

Volunteers also trained leaders of Youth Red Cross Clubs in organizing events and happenings, and 6 Red Cross workers about social media and fundraising online. Workshop’s participants could train during artistic and sport happenings organized by the volunteers for the purpose of integrating the local community.

Within the scope of educational initiative 200 calendars were published together with classes script about access to the education on Ssese Islands in Uganda. Calendar and scripts are aimed  mainly at teachers and students of classes 4 to 6 of primary school. Materials were sent to 200 primary schools in Poland and published on website of Hear Africa Foundation. Moreover, Foundation organized photographical exhibition about access to the education on Ssese Islands.