Polska pomoc


Post-turysta.pl - educational initiatives increasing the awareness among Polish people of global interdependence and the causes and consequences of tourist behaviour

The aim of the project is to create and share with all interested users an online guide about the issues related to the concept of conscious tourism. It consists of educational materials in form of 30 thematic articles written by 14 specialists, including ethnologists, anthropologists, geographers, cultural theorists, sociologists, philosophers and economists. These specialists deal with the contemporary tourism among the countries of the Global North and South. The whole guide, presenting the issue of modern tourism from the economic, sociological, post-colonial, anthropological and ecological perspective, is available on the website www.post-turysta.pl.

Within the framework of the project a series of 20 training courses was pursued for people who have to deal with the issue of tourism on a daily basis. Trainings were conducted between October and December 2013 and each of them lasted for 8 hours. Trainings were addressed to 3 groups of participants, namely staff of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia, students of tourism from Warsaw universities, scouts and members of hiking clubs. In addition, the open meetings were organized (also in the framework of the Global Education Week) and attended by journalists, travel agents, teachers and academics, NGO workers and travelers. The attendance of trainings amounted to almost 250 participants.