Polska pomoc


Popularization of the idea of the development assistance among opinion leaders

Between 1 July and 30 December, the Jagiellonian University’s Department of Middle and Far East Studies carried out a project addressed to Polish opinion-makers. This group included employees of central and local government authorities, employees of educational and cultural facilities and activists from non-governmental organisations. The involvement of NGO representatives has enabled the popularisation of the development assistance concept among the organisers of training in supporting developing countries and their societies, initiators of charitable activities and other initiatives to build Poland’s society awareness of global responsibility. This group of leading opinion-makers was supplemented with the research staff of Polish universities and students of technical and humanities subjects.

Project activities involved: improving leading opinion-makers' knowledge of development aid by developing and distributing an interdisciplinary textbook, entitled "Introduction to the issue of development aid" (released: 15 November 2010); raising the development aid qualifications of leading opinion-makers; providing support for promoting development aid among leading opinion-makers and other members of society and informing them of that aid by creating a website to present this issue (http://pomocrozwojowa.orient.uj.edu.pl). Following the project, its website was integrated into the website of the Jagiellonian University’s Department of Middle and Far East Studies (www.orient.uj.edu.pl).

The "Challenges of development aid in the 21st century" workshop to improve leading opinion-makers' knowledge was held at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow on 25-26 November 2010. Its programme covered interactive lectures and workshop activities in smaller groups. The workshop was attended by 44 people (8 experts, 15 people in a basic group and 21 people in an advanced group).