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Polish-Libyan cooperation for transformation

SENSE training for Libyan officials

The SENSE (Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise) training was inaugurated in Warsaw on 23 September 2013. It is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in the framework of Polish development aid. 50 Libyan officials have arrived in Poland, ia. representatives from the General People’s Congress, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance.

During the first day of their stay, the guests will take part in a negotiation training in the National School of Public Administration (KSAP). Three-day computer simulations will follow, during which the participants will act as government and foreign entities, deciding on strategic matters for the development of their countries. The game shall prepare the participants to function in a state undergoing systemic transformation. The program also includes a meeting with the Marshal of the Senate, Mr Bogdan Borusewicz, representatives of the Sejm Commission for Foreign Affairs and the Polish-Libyan Parliamentary Group. The training is carried out by the Development Cooperation Department of the MFA and the National School of Public Administration.

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