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Polish experts train Ukrainian officials

As part of Poland’s development cooperation, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the activities of Solidarity Fund PL and the Association of Amalgamated Territorial Hromadas in Ukraine’s social policy reform.

Within the framework of the project “Social services in the hromadas — support for social policy reform in Ukraine”, two two-day seminars have been organised for representatives of 16 amalgamated territorial hromadas from Chernihiv Oblast. The last one is forthcoming. Participants have already gained expertise in improving the management of social services in Ukrainian hromadas.

The seminars were conducted by Polish experts, Katarzyna Rostek and Mirosław Olczak. They coached Ukrainian officials in benefits and needs analysis and forecasting in the area of social services. They also shared their own experience on this issue. Ukraine was also represented among the experts. Wiktoria Halajdyuk, an expert from the Directorate for Social Services and Integration at Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy, spoke about the foreseen changes in the amended Social Services Act. It is to enter into force on 1 January 2020.

During the July meeting, Solidarity Fund PL representatives outlined the initiative “Small Projects Fund — Ukraine 2019”. It offers a possibility to secure financing for projects improving the quality social services in hromadas across Chernihiv Oblast.


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